Eagle Claws is one of the most established and trusted seller in the mixed martial arts, combats sports and Brazilian jiu-jitsu industry. With a high reputation and renowned for keeping up with the latest trends, equipment and accessories, We are passionate about what we do, which is evident through our brilliant customer service team.

We are Equipping martial artists with long-lasting gear and apparel. Like the craftsmen that made the swords of the samurai we create gear for the fighters of our time. Supporting aspiring athletes to become more than they thought possible.

We have dedicated ourselves to this industry and will always strive for top results. Without our loyal customers we could not have come thus far.

Thank you for choosing to shop with us.
The pricing policy that we have put in place makes affordability a center point… While for some people quality means sky-high cost, for us the balance between these two is reached easily.

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Customer Support Email: [email protected]
Customer Support Telephone: 04 0359 8190

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Unit 14, 43 SHEFFIELD Street